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Where do we put our faith?

In God or humanity? The answer is God. People will let you down, but when you’re down, you can always rely on God to pick you up again and make everything alright. God tests us and our egos can become overpowering, making us unbalanced. But we are meek, just a mere part of God’s creation. So when things become too much to bear, give it to God, ask for God’s help and you will receive what you need. But YOU HAVE TO ASK in order to receive. It sometimes comes as a surprise or unexpected outcomes that may take time to understand their significance, but remember to pay gratitude and trust God; everything happens for a reason. To love God is a willing commitment that reaps rewards greater than you ever knew possible.

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You’re ask wasn’t working so I hope you don’t mind that I am making a public post. I miss you too. I can’t wait to see the pics from your trip. (I had the same two shape choices too…)


Imagination is your first motivation. It indicates a person with a need to create, one who rejects routine and who identifies the world about her, not just the society in which she lives. By combining all the other shapes, it creates a shape of its own. The squiggle person rejects routine, punching a time lock, punctuality, protocol, and the sameness of activity.


The need for power is foremost in her personality. It is also the sex symbol. A pointed wedge shape can push further and release greater energy than any other form. Sharpness of thought and keep perception. You want to arrive at solutions quickly. Triangle people are independent thinkers who resist being placed in a subordinate position to others. They usually have a tremendous drive for achievement and are action oriented.

Squiggle-triangle combo (1st & 2nd choice in sequence):

You are highly creative and never stop moving.Others would find it challenging to live with you because of your desire for adventure and variety.It is important for you to surround yourself with people. You are action oriented.

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